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Natural gas for greenhouse horticulture

As a company active in greenhouse horticulture, you like to hold the reins. You want to be able to switch quickly and know where you stand. With OMV GAS natural gas, you always have a competitive price.

We prioritize nurturing a long-term relationship with you, in which quick actions, competitive prices and access to price overviews and data are key. Our goal is finding energy solutions together with you that keep pace with the development of your company.

Long-term vision

As a horticulturist, you have a long-term vision. Therefore, you prefer a multi-year gas supply contract for 2 years or more. To spread the risk, you would like to be able to define a fixed period for this. This way, you fix part of your gas consumptions (the so-called heating part) in a few steps. Our price model Fix For Floating is the best option for you in that case.

One-year contract for greenhouse horticulture

Would you rather have a one-year supply contract? Also no problem at OMV GAS. Contact us to all the options available to you.

Advantages of OMV GAS for greenhouse horticulture

We like to think of your needs in your terms. Therefore, we provide horticulturists with:

  • A flexible contract with the option to keep the volume floating entirely. You can fix and unfix.
  • Transparency of the daily LEBA rates
  • Summarized market information, providing insight into the developments on the electricity and gas market
  • Our customer portal, which contains your monthly invoices, annual statement, contracts, declarations (CHP statement and horticulture declaration), measurement data, market data, fixation option, option to fill in your CHP gas, and much more.
  • Direct contact with the traders on the trading floor.

Your key account manager is at your service

Get informed first, then act – with this motto always in the back of their minds, our experienced OMV GAS key account managers carefully analyze your wishes. We then draw up the perfect solution for you according to your wishes.

Switching to OMV GAS?

You have a different energy supplier and wish to switch over to OMV GAS? We will gladly help you make the switch. Make an appointment.