OMV Global


OMV GAS is part of a large trading company for natural gas which has been successful in north-western and south-eastern Europe for years in cooperation with local customers. Here, you can read about the strategy we use to reach our goals.

Now that the demand for coal is decreasing on the European market, the demand for ecologically-friendly natural gas will only increase. In addition to the increased import demand, we expect a higher market potential for the medium-term and long-term future.

In order to reach these goals, we apply the following strategies:

  • Further expanding our sales activities
  • Positioning ourselves even more firmly as a major player in Belgium and the Netherlands by:
  • Offering the very best service
  • Excellent price models
  • Personal and direct contact

Our principles

  • Team spirit: We act as a team with respect for the individual
  • Responsibility: every OMV GAS employee should have the feeling that he or she owns the company
  • Passion: we pour our heart and soul into everything we do, every day
  • Pioneering spirit: we are open-minded and think in creative solutions
  • Achievement: every day, we strive for the best of the best

European strategy

As an affiliate of OMV, we are part of an international group that is active on the market, from drilling for gas to end consumer. Our goal is: bringing extra volumes of gas from Norway and Romania into the European network. 

The foundation for expending our international sales activities is formed by our:

  • integrated value chain
  • experience in international trade
  • access to key trading platforms 
  • long-term co-operations with international producers

Guaranteeing a continuous flow will always play an important role for us, now as well as in the future. This requires diversification of source gas, transport channels and contract periods as some initial steps.

Our strategy is built on five pillars: 

  1. Determining and developing the most interesting markets, so that we can further expand our portfolio
  2. Developing and managing our sales and supply position
  3. Managing the corresponding complex logistics
  4. Developing and managing a trade organization
  5. Maximizing the integrated added value by optimizing our portfolio